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Crimson’s extensive experience of and presence within the education sector has enabled the development of a range of Accelerators which provide Independent Schools with “out-of-the-box” sector-specific functionality for most operational areas where CRM has applicability. Fine tuning of Accelerator functionality to suit each individual school’s operational requirements is delivered by the Crimson Fusion implementation methodology.

  • …enrich the CRM record with student data from other business systems & sources…

    整合 -

    One of the key elements of a successful student lifecycle and business engagement solution in a higher education institution is the ability to integrate data and solutions. In order to ensure the underlying Dynamics platform is stable and viable to support the enterprise requirements, integration should be achieved within a technical framework that is robust, auditable and based on supported Microsoft methodologies.
    Crimson provides integration solutions and services in a number of key areas including:

    Website – web forms such as enquiries & event registration using a configurable platform.

    Portals – ability to provide prospective/existing students & parents a full self-service capability.

    Student Information System Integration – providing integration points to many of the leading industry solutions such iSAMS to combine recruitment & admission data with student data.

    Postcode integration – providing postcode lookup integration with many of the leading providers.

    Social Networking – providing integration with Facebook and WeChat where parent will be able to submit enquiry and application via WeChat.

    Payment Integration – providing integration with various payment merchant including AllinPay, Alipay and WeChat payment.

  • ...cultivating relationships with completed students...

    校友和筹款 -

    Whereas much of student CRM functionality is focused on the student lifecycle up to enrolment, alumni management is concerned with completed learners and the nurturing of this group to promote awareness of relating learning and to foster their continued association with the School. This might range from the simple membership of the alumni community, involvement in post-graduate events, volunteer recruitment and donation management. This Accelerator is designed to help the School cultivate lifelong relationships with students and possibly parents and includes full management of donations and fundraising activities.

  • ...efficient management & delivery of student support requirements...

    学生福利 -

    The concept of student lifecycle management has focused attention on the need for Independent Schools to engage positively with students and their parents/guardians throughout this journey. The provision of most support services to students begins post-enrolment and with CRM being used for the marketing and recruitment aspects of the journey it makes entire sense for student services to use the same learner record to track the various support provided as this further enriches the “single customer record” and enhances the quality of engagement possible. The Student Welfare Accelerator provides rich functionality to manage and support the wide range of student services provided by most schools using a full suite of customer service features including case management, knowledge management and resource scheduling to manage student/parent appointments with the various support staff.

    This Accelerator also addresses the specific requirements associated with students who have special educational needs and the staff who are involved in providing the additional support required. This begins with identification at enquiry stage and is based on the provision of a specific student record which supplements the standard student data with that additionally needed to manage and support the disability requirements.

  • ...positive engagement optimises recruitment...

    入学 -

    The Admissions Accelerator provides an efficient way of assisting your admissions staff manage what can be a lengthy and challenging process whilst providing continual support and positive engagement with prospective students and parents alike.
    Application Portal
    The Crimson Application Portal is fully customisable and links with enquiry Portal so that parents who created an account during the enquiry phase can also submit applications using the same account for their children. The progress bar and easy-to-follow steps on the application form will guide parents through the complete process.
    Application Management within CRM
    The Accelerator simplifies the admissions process by means of a unique feature called Business Process Flow. The fully definable functionality will guide the admissions team through the complete process. At the same time, CRM will gather and manage all the necessary information required to assess the application under one single student profile, including parent information, student information, academic history, supporting documentation, full communication tracking etc.

  • ...multi-channel enquiry capture & resolution...

    招生 -

    The initial engagement with a student’s parent is a vital aspect of student recruitment and schools have identified that a positive customer experience improves the recruitment rates achieved. Student Recruitment addresses the pre-enrolment stages of the student journey and delivers functionality not found in core Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support the education-specific business processes involved.
    Enquiry Portal
    Our enquiry Portal provides a simple online method for parents to submit an enquiry on anything from open days to scheduling a visit.
    Enquiry Management within CRM
    Enquiries submitted via the Portal or by email, telephone or face to face are recorded within the Accelerator to provide efficient and systematic management through to resolution, along with automatic performance metrics at team and individual staff level. Via integration to the student management system, enquiries are mapped to the individual student record and any corresponding open day attendance, applications and enrolments to provide a conversion analysis at individual and aggregate levels

  • your segmented customer groupings with relevant messages...

    营销传播 -

    For most schools, parent and student engagement begins with effective marketing, involving the targeting of prospective learners and their family with information about school, teachers and school facilities based on their relevant entry level. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an integrated marketing management solution for marketing operation, planning, execution, and analytics across all channels — digital, social, and traditional.

    With the Microsoft Dynamics platform, marketers can generate analytics on campaign performance and initiatives to determine return on marketing investment both from a sales and business engagement perspective and impact to student numbers for a true picture of your marketing effectiveness.

    The platform offers rich campaign planning and management features, communication tools using email, SMS and social channels such as Facebook and WeChat and full marketing effectiveness reporting.

  • 开放日和活动管理 -

    Events are a key part of the marketing mix for most Independent Schools from open days, taster and applicant days through to exhibitions and conferences. This Accelerator provides a comprehensive event management solution to improve event planning, publication and promotion and offer sophisticated delegate management options including online registrations, availability levels and waiting list management. For paid events, multiple ticket types and pricing can be managed along with discounts and payments. For each event, a full financial analysis of costs and viability is produced. Joining instructions, attendance tracking – through QR and bar codes – and feedback analysis complete the event management process. Ongoing student engagement can also be tracked against such events producing comprehensive marketing and event effectiveness metrics.