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WeChat Connector

Connect seamlessly with billions of WeChat users through WeChat and the Power Platform/Dynamics 365 Integration.

WeChat Account Management

Configure your WeChat Offical Accounts, manage users, draft and publish WeChat Articles. Gain insights on user growth and article performance seemlessly through Dynamics 365.


Connect with WeChat Users

Engage with all your contacts in Dataverse through WeChat, acquire more customers and retain existing ones through self-service on WeChat Offical Account.


Support For Marketing

Leverage Custom WeChat channel in your Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights - Journey(Marketing) to maintain personalised engagement with your contacts throughout their marketing journey.


Available via Microsoft App Source

WeChat Connector

The WeChat Connector for Marketing offers businesses a gateway to China's lucrative market by recognizing the limitations of traditional email marketing in the region. It provides a comprehensive solution for integrating WeChat with Dynamics 365 or Dataverse, facilitating efficient content distribution and personalized marketing campaigns. With user-friendly navigation and automated processes, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts and leverage customizable channels to engage with customers effectively, ultimately maximizing engagement and conversion rates in the Chinese market.