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Crimson Fusion

Based IT industry standard for the delivery of projects and the skills and experience of our implementation team


Gather enough information about the Customer’s business requirements and project objectives to agree upon the boundaries of the forthcoming project.


Gather and define the customer’s business requirements in order to gain a detailed understanding of the projects needs and requirements.


Specify how the Customer’s business requirements will be implemented in detail, by designing a To-Be Solution that support these business requirements.


Configure, build and test the functionalities defined and approved in the design phase, including customisations, integrations and interfaces, and data migration scripts.


Implement the Solution and hand-over the Solution to the Customer, which includes end-user training, setup and finalise the solution in production environment.


Support the Customer’s operation of the Solution after Go-live; this may include post go-live support, project evaluation, operation of production environment.


Further refining the solution based on user feedbacks after the project has been successfully launched and operational for a period of time.

Project Management

Project Management cut across the seven project phases, an on-going activity throughout the projects complete life-cycle.