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In a significant development, Crimson Dynamics. has announced the launch of its latest product, the WeChat Connector available on Microsoft App Source. This innovative tool is designed to integrate WeChat Official Accounts with the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 ecosystem, opening up new avenues for businesses to connect with WeChat’s vast user base.

WeChat, with over 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide, is one of the most popular messaging and social media platforms. It offers a diverse range of features, including instant messaging, voice and video calls, social networking, mobile payments, games, news, and more. The WeChat Connector by Crimson aims to leverage these features to enhance customer engagement and streamline service delivery processes.

Key Features of the WeChat Connector

The WeChat Connector comes packed with features that allow for seamless integration between WeChat and Dynamics 365. These include:

  • WeChat User Management: This feature allows for automatic creation of WeChat follower records in Dynamics. It generates WeChat followers coupled with contact records for customer service, generating leads and marketing purpose, through various different channels including portal form, following official account, WeChat authentication, and scanning QR code etc.

  • WeChat Account Management: Administrators can manage WeChat Official account configurations in Dynamics 365/Power Apps, including automated response and subscription settings.

  • Publishing & Messaging: This feature enables the sending of automated messages to WeChat followers. Marketers can draft WeChat articles using Markdown Editor and publish them to a marketing list or all the WeChat followers.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Integration: The custom WeChat Channel within Customer Journey enables marketers to send WeChat messages including template message, text, image, WeChat article, and Customer Voice survey to WeChat followers.

How It Works

The WeChat Connector is designed to work with WeChat Official Service Accounts, allowing Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Power Apps users to interact with WeChat users through WeChat APIs. Any changes made to the WeChat Account in Dynamics 365 or Power App will be synchronized to the WeChat platform, including account configuration, WeChat materials, articles, tag, service accounts, and menu setup.

Benefits of the WeChat Connector

The WeChat Connector offers numerous benefits, including enhanced customer engagement, improved efficiency and productivity, improved data accuracy, and scalability for growth. By integrating WeChat with Dynamics 365, businesses can deliver personalized experiences and build lasting relationships with their customers.

With the launch of the WeChat Connector, Crimson Dynamics. is poised to revolutionize the way businesses using Dynamics 365 and Power Platform interact with their customers on WeChat. This powerful integration tool is set to unlock unprecedented opportunities for businesses worldwide.